OFFICIAL SOURCE (04/20/20) Site Launch


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Apr 13, 2020

Hi everyone!

On behalf of the cannaBITS team, we hope that you are enjoying your 4/20 and are staying safe, happy, and healthy. We are so excited to be able to launch our BETA site platform, which will hopefully lead to us growing a positive Medical Marijuana community that can share knowledge on how to treat their ailments using products that can be obtained at their dispensaries.

Our community is strictly for adults of 18+ years of age, or of legal age to use medical or recreational cannabis within their current area of residence. In order to ensure these strict guidelines, an age must be input upon registration. We hope that you understand!

Let's get into the details about what this site is for:
  • cannaBITS will post regular video content on YouTube (click here to Subscribe) that will serve as a digital resource hub with detailed information about your medicine. Video content will begin in Summer 2020.

  • cannaBITS will post regular dispensary product reviews, discussing new products, product forms, and local growers within the PA Medical Marijuana program.
    • All cannaBITS official reviewed products are written by a credible & verified PA-MMJ patient.
    • All user reviews are written by other forum members.

    • Please take note of the prefix of the post to determine the source!

  • cannaBITS will feature other, similar content creators and work with them on our common goal:
    to help educate patients about how to properly and effectively use their medicine.

How can you participate?
  • If you are a patient or are in a legal state, feel free to post reviews of any products you have recently tried.
    • We encourage originality and hearing the perspective and experience that each member has with a particular strain or product, so we leave the control of the post up to you!

    • All we ask is that you please abide by the Community Guidelines when creating your post.
      • NOTE: Your post title may be changed to match a clean format for the site forums. If this happens, don't worry!
      • For example, our team may rename your post to "Strain - Product Type - Brand" to ensure a similar layout of thread titles.
  • Participate in any thread discussion, or create one of your own! As we grow, we plan to launch many off-topic discussion boards and expand our conversation forum topics to allow for further contribution from our team and our members!

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