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Good morning!

Hope you are having a wonderful day. After a pleasant 4/20, we thought it may be a great moment to start discussing a very important topic regarding cannabis. For some, "terps" are a bigger factor than strains, in terms of deciding which products are right for them. These oils that develop in the plant are responsible for the flavorful experience of your medicine. For instance, if you have ever had a skunky, herbal, or citrusy-taste in your mouth (or nose, or both!) after using your medical products, you can thank terpenes.

This quick guide will set you on the right path on how to look for the right products to help treat any conditions!


OFFICIAL SOURCE (04/20/20) Site Launch

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Hi everyone!

On behalf of the cannaBITS team, we hope that you are enjoying your 4/20 and are staying safe, happy, and healthy. We are so excited to be able to launch our BETA site platform, which will hopefully lead to us growing a positive Medical Marijuana community that can share knowledge on how to treat their ailments using products that can be obtained at their dispensaries.

Our community is strictly for adults of 18+ years of age, or of legal age to use medical or recreational cannabis within their current area of residence. In order to ensure these strict guidelines, an age must be input upon registration. We hope that you understand!

Let's get into the details about what this site is for:
  • cannaBITS will post regular video content on YouTube...

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